Wednesday Wanderlust: 5 Amazing Places to Visit in Toronto

I love Toronto! I live about an hour away from the city and go visit as much as I can. It’s such a busy city with so much to do. I’ve rounded up five of my favourite places to check out when I’m there. If you’re heading to Toronto check out a few of these!


1. The Royal Ontario Museum

The ROM is such a cool museum. One of my favourite things about it is that it is in an old building but when they added the addition they created an amazing modern bit of architecture coming out of it. The effect is quite eye catching. Inside they have everything from dinosaur bones to artifacts from all different cultures. They have a fantastic kids area where kids can pretend to dig for bones and dress up as different animals. They also have exhibits from all over the world that are around for limited weeks. I’ve seen some amazing ones there such as the Pompeii exhibit that featured artifacts from the ancient city as well as casted molds from some of the people they uncovered. Bonus: Take the subway to Museum station and check out the hieroglyphics on the walls.


2. The Distillery District

I looooove the Distillery District in Toronto. The area is so beautiful and filled with shopping, dining, and all kinds of fun events. They have art galleries and beer festivals in the summer, but around the holidays is my favourite. They have a wonderful Christmas Market with pop up shops that have Christmas decorations, gifts, and hot chocolate or apple cider.


3. Sugar Beach

Right on the edge of the city is this great beach. It’s actually shocking that not a lot of people know about it. It’s a great place to unwind on the weekend or play some beach volleyball. In the summer they have outdoor movies on a giant screen for free!


4. The CN Tower

This list wouldn’t be complete without the CN Tower. To be fair it is the most well known building in the city, but it’s so worth it to check it out. First of all you take a glass elevator to the top, which is thrilling and fast. Then you can walk around the building checking out a 360 degree view of the city. You can even dine in the 360 Restaurant and watch the sunset over the city. If you’re an adventure seeker you can walk across the glass floor and see straight down to the city below…if that’s not enough you can even do the Skywalk and venture outside the building (strapped into a harness of course). Part of that experience is leaning out over the city and really feeling the rush.


5. Yonge and Dundas Square

It’s like a mini Canadian version of Times Square! It’s a lot smaller but is right by the Eaton Centre which is an amazing shopping mall. In the summer they have outdoor concerts and events that are totally worth checking out!

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