Wednesday Wanderlust: 5 Amazing Place To Visit In Sweden

Ah Sweden! You probably immediately think of meatballs and Ikea, but it’s so much more than that! Sweden is on my list of places I’d love to visit because it looks so beautiful. I’ve been looking at things to do and see in case I ever get there. Here are 5 cool places I found in case Sweden is on your list!


1. ABBA: The Museum

Ok so like ABBA or not this would be such a cool place to see. You can check out the costumes, items, and memorabilia. This museum is so much cooler though because through the use of technology you can see what you would look like in the costumes, sing in the studio, and even join the band on stage! It’s a very interactive experience and would be great if it were raining and you were looking for a place indoors.


2. Stockholm Subway Art

Known as the worlds largest art exhibition it would we well worth it to explore the subway while you’re out and about. It’s covered in beautiful art of varying styles, colours, and imagery.


3. Fika

When traveling there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the culture and traditions. Fika is a coffee break where you engage in meaningful conversations with friends over a cup of coffee and a sweet. It sounds like a wonderful way to take a break in your day and try amazing Swedish treats.


4. Goteborg Universeum

This place looks amazing. You can experience the rainforest, aquariums, and Swedish wildlife. Walk through the rainforest over hanging bridges and engage with animals such as birds, sloths, frogs, and butterflies.


5. Gamla Stan

This is a beautiful street with fun multicoloured buildings and cobblestone streets. This is the largest and best preserved medieval quarter and attracts many visitors. It’s known for its dinner and drinks and is said to be beautiful around Christmas time.

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