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Hey everyone! Life has been crazy for me lately so I haven’t had a lot of time to post. Long story short I moved, am returning to school, switched careers and am planning my wedding (which is already coming up next month!). Speaking of weddings…the season is in full swing! I have three other weddings coming up and I’m always struggling trying to decide what to wear!

I was perusing one of my favourite stores Suzy Shier (now shipping to the United States) and found a bunch I looooooove. Here are my faves:

Ok so I bought this one! I was obsessed with the colour and lace is so pretty for weddings. I’ll post an outfit post with this one when I attend the wedding I’m planning on wearing it at. The fit of this dress is wonderful as well and is very flattering due to the change in pattern around the waist.



Depending on the wedding this one is a great fit as well. Like I said before I love lace at a wedding and the sleeves on this one sell it for me. I feel like this one would be good for a fancier wedding in the fall or even winter because of the colour.


023219507132_Pearl_0jpg_1This one is beautiful for a summer wedding. The coral ombre reminds me of a sunset and adds enough colour to get away from wearing white to a wedding.

Let me know which of these dresses is your favourite! Do you have any weddings coming up?



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