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Summer Plans

With school over for the semester I’ve been looking ahead at the summer a lot. Scott is once again umpiring in the States until September so that will mean lots of weekend trips to see him. Fortunately he’s fairly close this year so I have planned out a trip a month.

I’m also working in a child care centre for the summer and I’m really excited about it. Until the summer starts for elementary school students I’m just working supply. The nice thing about that is I can choose when I work.

I am really excited about seeing more of the States, spending time with friends, and hopefully a lot of fun day trips. I keep on seeing some amazing posts such as this which give me so many ideas for destinations. Sure that one is for significant others, but with Scott gone I’ll just swap it with my bestie! With Canada celebrating it’s 150th birthday provincial parks are free so I’m super excited to go check out a few of those as well.


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