Summer Hair Trend Alert: Bayalage

Bayalage5 Bayalage4 Bayalage3 Bayalage2 Bayalage1

Ok ok, I know this isn’t a new trend…but it’s making some waves again now that the temperature’s starting to change. This is honestly my favourite look for spring/summer when everyone wants to lighten their hair again.

In case you haven’t heard of bayalage before it’s similar to an ombre look but the hair stylist paints sections of your hair and blends it in. This is a lot more natural than ombre because it looks like the sun did it on its own. This looks great with all hair colours as you can do a nice blend of lights and darks. It looks great with both straight and curly hair as it catches in the light and gives you a naturally summery look.

I am getting my hair done this week and will be dipping into the bayalage look (again…) but this time I’ll be going more blonde near the bottom. I’m pretty excited!

What do you guys think of this hair trend? Would you try it?



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