Monthly Goals: April 2017

Ok so better late than never right? These last few weeks have been crazy for me so I’m trying to jump back on the bandwagon. These are my goals for this month and they’re going to be BIG.

  1. Get Back to the Gym – I’m a gym rat. I am one of those few people that actually enjoy going to the gym. I just completed (sort of) my first round of BBG (read about that here) and am very eager to start BBG 2.0. I’ve been knocked on my back with a stomach flu the last little bit so my fitness has suffered. BBG 2.0 focuses a lot more on weights which is my favourite part of going to the gym. I’m looking forward to seeing my progress.
  2. Blog More – I know I said something similar last month (and I did post more than usual) but now that school is winding down I should be able to actually post properly…I hope.
  3. Work on Stress – It’s no secret that having two jobs, going to school full time, and having a husband away until September can be very stressful. I’ve let the stress build up and now I’m feeling it. I used to be so good at stress management and now I’d like to get back there. I’m writing a post about my favourite stress relievers soon.
  4. Meal Prep – Healthy eating goes hand in hand with exercise. Meal prepping is actually something I used to enjoy (when I felt like I had more time). It’s so much easier to have meals prepared and ready to go for the week. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to put aside time every night for the prepping, cooking, packaging, and cleaning. You only have to do it once! Plus you are holding yourself accountable for what you’re eating and won’t use the “I don’t have time to make something I’ll just grab something out” excuse.
  5. Money Management – I really want to start watching where my money goes, stay on top of bills, and start really saving money. Scott and I would love to be home owners and are currently planning a trip back to Mexico. It would be nice (and help lower stress levels) to be able to have a plan.
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