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Loreal Pure Clay Face Masks

Hey guys! I thought I would drop in and talk about this new face mask I tried out! I had previously tried L’Oreal’s Pure-Clay Mask in Black Charcoal and really liked it, but ran out. When I went to the drugstore to pick up a new one I decided to try this one this time.

This mask is made from red algae and is supposed to exfoliate and smooth your skin while reducing pores. Sounded like a win to me.

First impression was that it went on a lot differently than the black charcoal one and as it dried it didn’t feel as tight to my skin. It actually felt pretty nice on and has exfloliants in it that you can feel as you rub it in.

While I was waiting for the mask to dry I made myself my lemon and warm water drink that I try to start my day with. This lemon juice is organic, from Italy, and tastes fantastic if you’re looking to do the same. I would recommend lemon and water every morning on an empty stomach because it debloats you, levels out your level of acidity, and is really good for your digestion.

Anyhow! I sat with the mask on, drinking my lemon water for about 10ish minutes and then rinsed of the mask. It came off no problem with a little water and a face cloth (I’ve had others that have been horrible to get off). My skin felt so soft afterwards and I applied a moisturizer to help that as well.

I would highly recommend this mask if you are looking for something to sooth your skin and make it feel really smooth! Let me know if you decide to try it!




**PS this is not sponsored or affiliated with L’Oreal in anyway!**

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