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Lip Tattoo Review

Ok…so I have been seeing these lipstick masks/tattoos everywhere online. I’ve been so so curious so when I saw them while doing some running around I had to pick them up. This set comes with a bunch of different colours so I was super interested.

My first attempt at using this was not great. I didn’t expect the gel like substance to be so runny so it dripped all down the tube and when put on my lips spread onto my teeth. It stains your teeth really quickly and takes a lot of toothpaste and scrubbing to get it off.

Take two was a little bit better. I put a bit of the gel on a q-tip and applied it to my lips that way. I had to apply it with my lips puckered and keep them puckered until the gel dries. Once it dries it was really easy to pull off and the colour left behind was really subtle, but nice. It did last for the remainder of the day, which was quite impressive.

All in all it’s an interesting product and I will use it again, but it wasn’t the magical, easy-to-use, product it was made out to be. As long as you are careful about the teeth-staining you should be ok!


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