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How To Pack For A Weekend Trip

Weekend Getaway
I’m off to Rochester this week to visit Scott and that involves packing for a few days. Packing for a weekend tip is a daunting task because you never want to pack too much or the wrong thing. As someone who travels a lot for only a few days at a time I like to think I have it down pat. Here are some tips if you’re looking at getting away for a weekend.


1. Pack light
Ok so this probably seems super obvious, but I’ve seen one too many people with six bags for a three day trip. Try and only pack what you’re sure you’re going to need. If you end up needing something while you’re away you can always pick it up at a store if you’re desperate.


2. Go with basics
I try and always pack simple basics. White t-shirts, light wash jeans, black legging
s, etc are all great and can be dressed up with simple accessories or mixed and matched.


3. Layer!
You never know what the weather will be like (well depending on where you go) so it’s better to be prepared. I like to bring a few t-shirts or tank tops, a few cardigans, and a jacket that goes with anything. That way you can take off layers if it’s too hot or put more on if it’s too cold. I also bring a scarf to add a pop of colour and a large bag so you can fold up and store whatever you’re not wearing while you’re out and about.


4. Pack one nice outfit
There is nothing worse than a last minute dinner or night out and all you have are casual clothes. I have made it a habit of bringing one nice dress (a little black dress works well) just in case!


5. Roll your clothes
When packing try and roll your clothes instead of folding them. Folding them takes up so much more space in your bag and rolling them together keeps them from getting wrinkled. If you’re not sure what I mean check out this fantastically helpful YouTube video!


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