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Mexico 2017: Dolphins!

Ok so this is something I’ve always wanted to do! I love dolphins and was really excited to get a chance to get up close and personal. Scott ended up winning tickets for us to do this at the resort we stayed at in a trivia contest.

Anyway! This dolphin’s name is Plata and was such a sweet heart. We got to learn all kinds of things that I never knew about dolphins such as they shed their skin every two hours and never sleep (they literally turn one side of their brain at a time).

It was such a great day and I’m so glad we got to do it!


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How to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Hey guys! Scott and I are in Mexico for our anniversary trip! I find people are always a little unsure of what to bring when traveling for a tropical beach trip. I mean, you plan on spending most of your time in a bathing suit right?

When traveling to a resort I feel it’s important to research it a little before you go. You’ll want to know if there’s any dress codes at any restaurants or anything like that. For example, the resort we go to asks that men wear a collard shirt and long pants to dinner. You wouldn’t want to get there and discover you didn’t pack what you needed and have to miss out!

I know there’s hundreds of these lists on the internet but here’s what I think about when I’m packing:

  • Swim suits – obviously! I bring two (at least) so I can swap them out if one’s still wet from the previous wear!
  • Beach cover up – Not 100% a necessity but I don’t like walking from my room to the pools in just my bathing suit! It’s also convenient to throw on to grab lunch because a lot of resorts don’t like it if you go to one of their restaurants in just your bathing suit!
  • Excursion outfit – Think about any trips you may take off the resort and what you will need for them. There’s nothing worse than going for a hike and climbing Mayan Ruins in heeled sandals…trust me. I learned the hard way!
  • A couple nice outfits for exploring the resort – I don’t like wearing a bathing suit all day. So I bring a couple interchangeable outfits I can wear for lunch, shopping, or taking in one of the shows.
  • A fancy dress (or outfit) – A lot of resorts have fancier restaurants you can go to for dinner. It’s nice to get a little dressed up for a night out as well. I know we like to go for dinner and then to one of the shows and sometimes it’s nice to feel fancy!
  • Shoes – Ok I know a lot of guys hate it when a girl brings a bunch of shoes, but lets think about this. You need one pair for every day use, a pair of flip flops or sandals for the pool, a fancy pair for nights out, and runners if you plan on using the gym. Right?
  • Gym clothes – Ok so some people think working out on vacation is crazy…but I like it! I spend most of the day on vacation eating so I like to combat that with a little workout in the morning. It gives me more energy as well!
  • Necessities – For this I include everything from camera chargers to medication! Make sure you write down everything you cannot forget and only check it off once it’s in your bag. Ladies, this includes products as well. You bet my deep conditioner is on my list to help combat the chlorine of the pools!

I hope this helps if you guys are going on vacation soon! Colder months are coming and it’s always nice to get a little break! Can’t wait to tell you all about our trip when we get back!



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Holy Toledo!

^^ Scott’s dad making fun of me for posing in front of the sign! Haha!


^^ That’s Scott in the black!

This past weekend I took a roadtrip with my parent’s and Scott’s parents to go visit him in Toledo Ohio! It was quite the adventure and took us a lot longer than planned because we didn’t realize the I-75 South was closed through Detroit! Oh well we got there just fine and it was soooo good to see Scott…even if it only was for a couple of days.

While we were there we decided to check out the Toledo Zoo. It was a lot of fun and was a really nice zoo. They had a bunch of new baby animals that we’re so freaking cute including lemurs, chimps and my favourite GIRAFFE’S! I couldn’t get close to the giraffe’s unfortunately because if you went out on the deck they expected you to feed them and we were running out of time (had to get Scott back for his game).

In case you didn’t know, Scott is a Minor League Baseball Umpire so despite us living in Canada he works in various parts of the States for the baseball season (a long six months). So every day he has a game that we have to get to so we don’t have a lot of free time unfortunately. It’s still super cool for me to see him down on the field though and I get to try all the different foods the baseball field’s sell during the games. This time it was a funnel cake sundae…oh yeah!

They had a Beatles Night the Friday I was there and if you know how much I love the Beatles you would know how much I appreciated this. I was super bummed that I hadn’t found out about it ahead of time because I left all my Beatles/Paul McCartney stuff at home! Oh well it was still fun and they had a Beatles Tribute band (The Fab Four) play a little amphitheater outside after the game.

For the trip to the zoo/the baseball game that night I decided to wear my favourite romper. I got this one from a Canadian favourite Stitches last year, but have rounded up a few of my in stock favourites below. Stitches is probably the equivalent of Charlotte Russe, Rue 21 or Wet Seal in the States!



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Why I Have An After Travel Self Care Routine (And you should too!)

Every time I travel I come home feeling off. Don’t get me wrong I love traveling, but I feel like I need to hit a reset button when I return home. I always notice I get home with tired skin and stringy hair so I always follow this routine to get myself back on track.


1. Hydrate

I never drink enough water when traveling. It’s so bad and I know I should but I don’t. As soon as I get home I up my water intake immediately. It makes my skin feel better and allows my body to start moving again and adjust to normal life.

2. Exfoliate

There’s nothing better than scrubbing off the feeling of the world once you return home. I just feel so much better taking a warm shower and making my skin feel brand new.

3. Tone

I have a bayalage soft of thing happening with my hair right now and blonde hair tends to turn brassy…especially after a week of hotel water. I always apply a toning treatment (such as a purple shampoo) to return my blonde to actual blonde.

4. Hair Mask

My hair takes a beating when I’m traveling. In an effort to pack less I’ve been using hotel shampoo’s and conditioner’s and let’s be honest…they’re usually not great. Once I’m home I throw a hair mask in as soon as I get in the shower and let it soak in while I’m doing the rest of my regular shower routine. My hair always feels so smooth and silky afterwards.

5. Moisturize

Dry skin is no fun! After I take a shower I apply a thick moisturizer (like a body butter) all over and a face cream to help my skin return to normal.


Once I’m finished with all these steps I feel so much better. They’re all so simple and may seem obvious but I just love the fresh feeling! Do you guys do anything special when you return from travel?


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Rochester Lilac Festival

I spent a few days in Rochester NY this past week visiting Scott. It happened to be the same week they were holding their annual Lilac Festival. I love lilacs and the park was so beautiful.

It was so nice to spend time wandering around the gardens in the nice weather and just laying in the grass for a while. So many people were out on a Wednesday afternoon it was almost like they all took a holiday for the week.

Scott was so funny lying awkwardly in the grass trying to get “comfortable”. I’m pretty bummed out I forgot my DLSR camera at home and had to take all these pictures with my iPhone…but the lilacs were so beautiful it didn’t matter.

We stopped at one of the food carts to try some of the crazy foods. I opted for a piece of frozen cheesecake, dipped in melted chocolate, and rolled in sprinkles. I was so confused at how it was going to taste, but it was like eating ice cream. It was actually so good, but so dense I ended up only eating about a third of it and forcing Scott to eat the rest! haha!


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How To Pack For A Weekend Trip

Weekend Getaway
I’m off to Rochester this week to visit Scott and that involves packing for a few days. Packing for a weekend tip is a daunting task because you never want to pack too much or the wrong thing. As someone who travels a lot for only a few days at a time I like to think I have it down pat. Here are some tips if you’re looking at getting away for a weekend.


1. Pack light
Ok so this probably seems super obvious, but I’ve seen one too many people with six bags for a three day trip. Try and only pack what you’re sure you’re going to need. If you end up needing something while you’re away you can always pick it up at a store if you’re desperate.


2. Go with basics
I try and always pack simple basics. White t-shirts, light wash jeans, black legging
s, etc are all great and can be dressed up with simple accessories or mixed and matched.


3. Layer!
You never know what the weather will be like (well depending on where you go) so it’s better to be prepared. I like to bring a few t-shirts or tank tops, a few cardigans, and a jacket that goes with anything. That way you can take off layers if it’s too hot or put more on if it’s too cold. I also bring a scarf to add a pop of colour and a large bag so you can fold up and store whatever you’re not wearing while you’re out and about.


4. Pack one nice outfit
There is nothing worse than a last minute dinner or night out and all you have are casual clothes. I have made it a habit of bringing one nice dress (a little black dress works well) just in case!


5. Roll your clothes
When packing try and roll your clothes instead of folding them. Folding them takes up so much more space in your bag and rolling them together keeps them from getting wrinkled. If you’re not sure what I mean check out this fantastically helpful YouTube video!



Wednesday Wanderlust: 5 Amazing Places to Visit in Toronto

I love Toronto! I live about an hour away from the city and go visit as much as I can. It’s such a busy city with so much to do. I’ve rounded up five of my favourite places to check out when I’m there. If you’re heading to Toronto check out a few of these!


1. The Royal Ontario Museum

The ROM is such a cool museum. One of my favourite things about it is that it is in an old building but when they added the addition they created an amazing modern bit of architecture coming out of it. The effect is quite eye catching. Inside they have everything from dinosaur bones to artifacts from all different cultures. They have a fantastic kids area where kids can pretend to dig for bones and dress up as different animals. They also have exhibits from all over the world that are around for limited weeks. I’ve seen some amazing ones there such as the Pompeii exhibit that featured artifacts from the ancient city as well as casted molds from some of the people they uncovered. Bonus: Take the subway to Museum station and check out the hieroglyphics on the walls.


2. The Distillery District

I looooove the Distillery District in Toronto. The area is so beautiful and filled with shopping, dining, and all kinds of fun events. They have art galleries and beer festivals in the summer, but around the holidays is my favourite. They have a wonderful Christmas Market with pop up shops that have Christmas decorations, gifts, and hot chocolate or apple cider.


3. Sugar Beach

Right on the edge of the city is this great beach. It’s actually shocking that not a lot of people know about it. It’s a great place to unwind on the weekend or play some beach volleyball. In the summer they have outdoor movies on a giant screen for free!


4. The CN Tower

This list wouldn’t be complete without the CN Tower. To be fair it is the most well known building in the city, but it’s so worth it to check it out. First of all you take a glass elevator to the top, which is thrilling and fast. Then you can walk around the building checking out a 360 degree view of the city. You can even dine in the 360 Restaurant and watch the sunset over the city. If you’re an adventure seeker you can walk across the glass floor and see straight down to the city below…if that’s not enough you can even do the Skywalk and venture outside the building (strapped into a harness of course). Part of that experience is leaning out over the city and really feeling the rush.


5. Yonge and Dundas Square

It’s like a mini Canadian version of Times Square! It’s a lot smaller but is right by the Eaton Centre which is an amazing shopping mall. In the summer they have outdoor concerts and events that are totally worth checking out!


Wednesday Wanderlust: 5 Amazing Place To Visit In Sweden

Ah Sweden! You probably immediately think of meatballs and Ikea, but it’s so much more than that! Sweden is on my list of places I’d love to visit because it looks so beautiful. I’ve been looking at things to do and see in case I ever get there. Here are 5 cool places I found in case Sweden is on your list!


1. ABBA: The Museum

Ok so like ABBA or not this would be such a cool place to see. You can check out the costumes, items, and memorabilia. This museum is so much cooler though because through the use of technology you can see what you would look like in the costumes, sing in the studio, and even join the band on stage! It’s a very interactive experience and would be great if it were raining and you were looking for a place indoors.


2. Stockholm Subway Art

Known as the worlds largest art exhibition it would we well worth it to explore the subway while you’re out and about. It’s covered in beautiful art of varying styles, colours, and imagery.


3. Fika

When traveling there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the culture and traditions. Fika is a coffee break where you engage in meaningful conversations with friends over a cup of coffee and a sweet. It sounds like a wonderful way to take a break in your day and try amazing Swedish treats.


4. Goteborg Universeum

This place looks amazing. You can experience the rainforest, aquariums, and Swedish wildlife. Walk through the rainforest over hanging bridges and engage with animals such as birds, sloths, frogs, and butterflies.


5. Gamla Stan

This is a beautiful street with fun multicoloured buildings and cobblestone streets. This is the largest and best preserved medieval quarter and attracts many visitors. It’s known for its dinner and drinks and is said to be beautiful around Christmas time.

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Summer Plans

With school over for the semester I’ve been looking ahead at the summer a lot. Scott is once again umpiring in the States until September so that will mean lots of weekend trips to see him. Fortunately he’s fairly close this year so I have planned out a trip a month.

I’m also working in a child care centre for the summer and I’m really excited about it. Until the summer starts for elementary school students I’m just working supply. The nice thing about that is I can choose when I work.

I am really excited about seeing more of the States, spending time with friends, and hopefully a lot of fun day trips. I keep on seeing some amazing posts such as this which give me so many ideas for destinations. Sure that one is for significant others, but with Scott gone I’ll just swap it with my bestie! With Canada celebrating it’s 150th birthday provincial parks are free so I’m super excited to go check out a few of those as well.



Travel: Bruce Penninsula

img_7994 img_7995 img_7996 img_7997 img_7998 img_7999 img_8001

A few weeks ago Scott and I (and Rory) traveled up north to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. Our main reason for going was to see the grotto that I kept seeing pictures of online.

It’s no surprise I have a HUGE case of wanderlust. Travel is what makes me happiest because I like exploring new places and experiencing new things. With the wedding and being in school right now big trips are hard to come by (with the exception of our upcoming honeymoon). This is why I love lists such as “Best Places To See In Ontario” or “Amazing Trips Just Outside Of Toronto” because they round up cool things to do or see close to us. Try googling a similar list near you if you’d like to have some adventures.

This was one of the places on the list and I couldn’t wait to get there. It was a hike into the forest and then scaling some rocks but the view from the top was beautiful. It was rainy and windy when we went (it is fall after all) but it was still so cool. I can only imagine what it looks like in the summer. To get into the grotto itself we literally had to crawl into this hole between the rocks, it was a tight squeeze but when it opened up it was incredible. We couldn’t get all the way down as the water was too high, but I’m sure in the spring and summer months it would be even cooler.

Rory did amazing despite his size so it is dog friendly as well. We had to take turns climbing into the grotto because one of us stayed with him at the top. But he had a great time as well and was tired out for the trip home.

Have any of you been here? What did you think?