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1 Year (And a bit) of Marriage

So this post is tooootally scheduled because I knew we would be zonked after our trip! Don’t worry I’ll post all about that soon. I just wanted to reflect on our first year of marriage.

Technically our anniversary was September 17th so this is a little late. Married life is awesome. With Scott working in the states for Minor League Baseball for 6 months it is a little tougher for us. As soon as I get used to having him around again he leaves for another season, and vise versa. I can’t say everything is rainbows and butterflies all the time, but it’s so worth it.

We’ve both been working really hard to save up for our anniversary trip (we’re going back to the place we went for our honeymoon last year…because we love it…). I feel like we haven’t seen a lot of each other since he’s been home since I’ve been at school full time and working part time while Scott’s working a ton and is hardly home. I’m so excited for this trip to happen so we can reconnect, hang out, and just relax while spending time together. It will be much needed!

The resort we go to is called the Barcelo Maya Beach and it is a wonderful all inclusive resort. This will be my third time going there and I’m not even a huge beach person. There’s just sooo much to do there. I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I get the pictures uploaded!

Hope you’re all having a great week.



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Sorry for the terrible quality photo in this one but I was way too busy having fun with friends and family to actually take decent pictures. I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) as well!

Scott and I hung out with his family Christmas Eve and had breakfast with them in the morning. We then drove to my grandparents house for Christmas Day dinner. It was so great to see my family and we had such a fun day.

Rory had a blast running through all of the wrapping paper (as he does) and got a ton of treats. One of the highlights was telling Scott’s mom she was getting a puppy (who happens to be Rory’s brother).

So tell me what you did for the holiday’s and what your plans are for New Years!



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Our Wedding Day

sarahscott_130 sarahscott_137 sarahscott_178 sarahscott_183 sarahscott_202 sarahscott_208 sarahscott_210 sarahscott_229 sarahscott_258


One month ago today we got married! I still have to pinch myself to believe that it was real and that it’s all over. The withdrawal is starting to set in and I’m starting to really miss wedding planning. Sure it’s stressful but it ends up to be so worth it.

Our wedding couldn’t have been better. It poured rain but our photographer was so fantastic she managed to find wonderful locations for our photos anyway. The rain broke just enough for us to get a few outdoor shots as well.

The wedding was at a tree farm and was inside a greenhouse. As you can see from the last photo it was a beautiful venue and really felt like you were outside despite the rain.

We felt so loved surrounded by our friends and family and were so happy that everyone had such a great time. We want to have an annual wedding we loved it so much! Haha!

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Being Married


As I write this I have been married for a week. One whole week. I don’t pretend to be an expert in this subject, but I’ve noticed something that I feel needs to be brought up.

If you’re newly married I’m sure you’ll understand the shear amount you get asked “Soooo…how does being married feel?” I mean, I get it, everyone’s curious about ‘the other side’ especially if their not married. How did I feel being married? Not any different. I started to worry that there was something wrong with me. Should I feel different?

Being married is a big deal. You join a covenant with your significant other that you need to cherish, keep alive, and never break. There is a lot of pressure and responsibility that goes along with this, such as working through fights and always putting each other first.

But as far as feelings go…I already lived with Scott (while he’s in the same Country), I already valued our relationship more than anything else and already knew we would be spending the rest of our lives together. This didn’t just happen when we got married.

I woke up the day after our wedding exhausted, bursting with joy and feeling so loved, but ultimately the same. So is it just me? Or is it just because we already lived together? Or do any of you feel the same way? Fill me in!

**Disclaimer: That photo is not us! Just a stock photo. Photos of our wedding will be coming soon!**