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1 Year (And a bit) of Marriage

So this post is tooootally scheduled because I knew we would be zonked after our trip! Don’t worry I’ll post all about that soon. I just wanted to reflect on our first year of marriage.

Technically our anniversary was September 17th so this is a little late. Married life is awesome. With Scott working in the states for Minor League Baseball for 6 months it is a little tougher for us. As soon as I get used to having him around again he leaves for another season, and vise versa. I can’t say everything is rainbows and butterflies all the time, but it’s so worth it.

We’ve both been working really hard to save up for our anniversary trip (we’re going back to the place we went for our honeymoon last year…because we love it…). I feel like we haven’t seen a lot of each other since he’s been home since I’ve been at school full time and working part time while Scott’s working a ton and is hardly home. I’m so excited for this trip to happen so we can reconnect, hang out, and just relax while spending time together. It will be much needed!

The resort we go to is called the Barcelo Maya Beach and it is a wonderful all inclusive resort. This will be my third time going there and I’m not even a huge beach person. There’s just sooo much to do there. I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I get the pictures uploaded!

Hope you’re all having a great week.



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Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve updated this blog. I wasn’t sure I was going to continue for a while there, but I enjoy it so I’d like to get it up and running again. Thanks so much if you’ve stuck around.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and I was fortunate enough to head up to my grandparents and hang out with my cousins. It’s so nice getting to see them, hang out, and just relax. Scott had to work so he couldn’t be there, but other than that it really was the perfect weekend.

Scott and I head back to Mexico in a couple weeks and I’m so excited to share how amazing the resort we are going to is. So stay tuned for pictures and posts from our trip!

Love you guys!


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Welcome to my home!

I’m SO sick of the rain you guys. I had today off and was looking forward to taking some photos outside but it was raining. So I figured I would take some photos inside and let you guys see a little bit of my apartment. I love seeing other peoples style and decorating because it shows so much of their personality.

My apartment is super small but I had so much fun decorating it. My friend and I built the build in bookshelf ourselves using some bookshelves from IKEA. I like being able to look at all my books and things I’ve collected over the years. The colourful painting behind our couch was painted by my best friend as a wedding gift and I love the way it ties all the colours together. Also yes…our “couch” is actually a small bed, but hey it’s comfortable and nice for when friends need to crash!

Rory of course wanted to steal the show and in most of these photos he is jumping around in front of me in an effort to get me to play with him. He kept barking every time the camera clicked as well which was so funny!!! In one of the photos I’m actually looking right at him and you can spot him at the very bottom of the shot. Man oh man I love my dog.

We’ve been in that weird in between weather for a while now. I want to wear spring clothes but I can never tell if it will be hot or cold hour by hour! I like wearing a floral pattern top with a cardigan over it for days like these. I still feel like I’m ready for spring that way, but also won’t freeze to death!

P.S. If you guys have any book recommendations for me send them! My bookshelf is looking pretty bare as I just donated a bunch of old books to a charity!

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Why I Have An After Travel Self Care Routine (And you should too!)

Every time I travel I come home feeling off. Don’t get me wrong I love traveling, but I feel like I need to hit a reset button when I return home. I always notice I get home with tired skin and stringy hair so I always follow this routine to get myself back on track.


1. Hydrate

I never drink enough water when traveling. It’s so bad and I know I should but I don’t. As soon as I get home I up my water intake immediately. It makes my skin feel better and allows my body to start moving again and adjust to normal life.

2. Exfoliate

There’s nothing better than scrubbing off the feeling of the world once you return home. I just feel so much better taking a warm shower and making my skin feel brand new.

3. Tone

I have a bayalage soft of thing happening with my hair right now and blonde hair tends to turn brassy…especially after a week of hotel water. I always apply a toning treatment (such as a purple shampoo) to return my blonde to actual blonde.

4. Hair Mask

My hair takes a beating when I’m traveling. In an effort to pack less I’ve been using hotel shampoo’s and conditioner’s and let’s be honest…they’re usually not great. Once I’m home I throw a hair mask in as soon as I get in the shower and let it soak in while I’m doing the rest of my regular shower routine. My hair always feels so smooth and silky afterwards.

5. Moisturize

Dry skin is no fun! After I take a shower I apply a thick moisturizer (like a body butter) all over and a face cream to help my skin return to normal.


Once I’m finished with all these steps I feel so much better. They’re all so simple and may seem obvious but I just love the fresh feeling! Do you guys do anything special when you return from travel?


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Rochester Lilac Festival

I spent a few days in Rochester NY this past week visiting Scott. It happened to be the same week they were holding their annual Lilac Festival. I love lilacs and the park was so beautiful.

It was so nice to spend time wandering around the gardens in the nice weather and just laying in the grass for a while. So many people were out on a Wednesday afternoon it was almost like they all took a holiday for the week.

Scott was so funny lying awkwardly in the grass trying to get “comfortable”. I’m pretty bummed out I forgot my DLSR camera at home and had to take all these pictures with my iPhone…but the lilacs were so beautiful it didn’t matter.

We stopped at one of the food carts to try some of the crazy foods. I opted for a piece of frozen cheesecake, dipped in melted chocolate, and rolled in sprinkles. I was so confused at how it was going to taste, but it was like eating ice cream. It was actually so good, but so dense I ended up only eating about a third of it and forcing Scott to eat the rest! haha!


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Summer Plans

With school over for the semester I’ve been looking ahead at the summer a lot. Scott is once again umpiring in the States until September so that will mean lots of weekend trips to see him. Fortunately he’s fairly close this year so I have planned out a trip a month.

I’m also working in a child care centre for the summer and I’m really excited about it. Until the summer starts for elementary school students I’m just working supply. The nice thing about that is I can choose when I work.

I am really excited about seeing more of the States, spending time with friends, and hopefully a lot of fun day trips. I keep on seeing some amazing posts such as this which give me so many ideas for destinations. Sure that one is for significant others, but with Scott gone I’ll just swap it with my bestie! With Canada celebrating it’s 150th birthday provincial parks are free so I’m super excited to go check out a few of those as well.



How To Lower Stress Levels

Stress. Sometimes even the word stresses people out. Life is stressful and sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do about it…but there is. There are simple things you can do in your day to day lives that will help relieve the stress you feel. These are some of my favourite ways to de-stress.

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Monthly Goals: April 2017

Ok so better late than never right? These last few weeks have been crazy for me so I’m trying to jump back on the bandwagon. These are my goals for this month and they’re going to be BIG.

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Monthly Goals: March 2017

Two things I love are lists and setting goals. So I’m going to start a new series where I set goals every month. I usually write these in my planner, but would like to hold myself accountable by making it public. So without further ado…

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