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Summer Nails

I’ve just been browsing around Pinterest and came across so many cute nail ideas for summer. I’ve rounded up some inspo below! Disclaimer: these images are not mine and found on Pinterest. I don’t take credit for any of these!



Victoria Secret Body Care


The Victoria Secret Semi Annual Clearance Sale has just wrapped up again and I stopped by to see what kind of deals they had going on. Let me tell you…I had to rein myself in. They had so many great products for a fraction of what they normally were.

I had been dying to try their body care line for a while but each bottle was around $20 CAN so it was hard for me to justify. I didn’t want to just buy one, I wanted to try all four! Low and behold for the clearance sale they had the four main products for $5 each! What? So I got the four I wanted to try for the price you would normally pay for one! Craziness!

So I bought the Soothing Scrub Wash in Shea, Ultrarich Creme Wash in Coconut Milk, Hydrating Body Lotion in Shea, and the Weightless Body Oil in Coconut Milk. So I’ll be honest…I’m not sure if you’re supposed to use all four products in one go seeing as there’s two body washes and two moisturizers, but they all are numbered on the back from 1 to 4 so I went for it.

I enjoyed the soothing scrub because it smelled so darn good and the scrub itself is very fine and felt gentle on my skin. The creme wash smelled equally as good and lathered nicely so I felt really clean afterwards. I could tell my skin was a lot smoother stepping out of the shower already, but after applying the hydrating lotion I could really tell. My knees and elbows really benefited from this thick lotion and I just felt my elbow while writing this to confirm that they still feel great a few days later haha! So the oil felt a bit weird to me. I had never really used oil on my skin before and I felt a bit shiny after. I had to wait a few minutes before dressing because I still had a slick feeling on my skin. A little while later after the oil fully absorbed into my skin I couldn’t get over how my skin felt. Is this Victoria’s Secret? haha!

So all in all I’ve very impressed with this line. Like I said: no idea if you are supposed to use it as a set, but it works! I may just pick one cleanser while in the shower and one moisturizer for when I get out and mix and match the combos to see what works best for me. Let me know if you have ever tried these products, what you thought, or if you’d like to! Oh, and this is 100% not sponsored I just really like these products!


Skincare, whoa what a difference

Hey guys! I’ve been off the grid for a little bit now. Some of you may know I’ve been working two jobs, which has been exhausting, but I’m just getting over a nasty round of strep throat. I had it for about a week and didn’t want to do anything but lay around all day!

Anyhoo I’ve really been concentrating on my skin lately. It’s been looking pale, dry, and lifeless looking lately and I’ve just been packing more makeup on to try and cover it up. Of course this just made it worse so I decided to try a few things to refresh my face a little bit. I’m actually blown away by how quickly my skin has turned around and am feeling more confident to go out without makeup on. I haven’t quite gotten there yet (I have the worst dark circles that make it hard for me to convince myself to be 100% makeupless) but a bit of BB creme goes a long way. So this is what I’ve been doing this week that has been working for me!

Go Makeupless – Letting your skin breathe is sooo important. It gives it time to recover from having makeup on it all the time!

Remove Makeup Properly! – Sounds simple right? Well not if you’re as lazy as me! After a long day of work I fell into the habit of just quickly wiping my face with a makeup wipe and call it a day. Well this doesn’t remove all of the makeup and then it settles into your pores. I’ve been using a miceller water to make sure I get it all, including dirt and oils from the day.

Cleanse – This falls under the “wiping my face with a makeup wipe and calling it a day” thing. I barely washed my face with a cleanser. I know that’s so sooo bad and now that I’ve been washing my face twice a day I can really feel a difference in my skin. Disclaimer: washing your skin with cleanser too much can bother your skin as well. Try and find an alcohol free one and test it out. If twice a day irritates your skin only use it once a day and just rinse your skin in the morning. It all depends on your skin type!

Tone & Moisturizer – I’ve been using a toner as a follow up to the cleanser and I find my skin is a lot less red. After the toner I moisturize as normal and my skin just soaks it up. So much smoother.

Drink LOTS of Water – Again, kind of obvious, but a lot of people forget how good water is for the skin (me included). I can really tell when I’m less hydrated because my skin looks really shallow and dry.

Ok so these tips may be obvious and you’ve probably heard it a thousand times. It doesn’t help to have a reminder though, I sure needed it as I had been neglecting my skin. Just remember to do these simple things every day and your skin will bounce back in a few days!


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5 Great Drug Store Makeup Finds

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

You know when you seem to run out of all your makeup at once? Then you’re digging through scraps trying to find something that works to get you through the next day or so until you can go restock? That happened to me last week and I felt like I had to buy so much! I always feel like it’s a lot of pressure to go pick out a new foundation or mascara, but I managed to find a few jems that I love in case you’re on the hunt for something new!

1. Elf Primer – Poreless

The original Elf Primer is great, but the poreless version is my favourite. It really does a great job of smoothing the skin and minimizing pores. I have found my pores have been bugging me a lot lately so this is an area I was looking to improve. If you are fine with your pores as usual you are probably good just sticking with the original. I find the poreless version has a bit of a tea tree oil smell to it. It isn’t unpleasant or overpowering at all however. This primer really makes me feel like my foundation just glides on my skin and helps it last a lot longer.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – Matte and Poreless

Once again I’m going with a poreless look at the moment. I’ve used the regular version of this foundation before and I liked it, but there is something so nice about the matte finish of this one. I find this foundation covers well without being too cakey or heavy on the skin. You can also build it up if you need more coverage and it lasts a long time. I also would like to try the dewy version of this foundation as I’m sure it would give a nice finish as well.

3. Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser

This is a tried and true classic for me. When I was first getting into makeup I bought this all the time and decided to pick it up again after all this time. I’m always so pleased at how well this product blends and how it covers my dark (and I mean dark) circles.

4. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I didn’t realize how many Maybelline products I bought until right now! Haha! This is hands down my favourite drug store mascara however. I pretty much only use this one and have since my makeup artist for my wedding introduced me to it during my makeup trial. I find it makes my eyelashes look a lot longer and thicker and the wand gets all my little lashes as well.

5. NYX Liquid Eyeliner

I love this eyeliner. It goes on true black and makes wings easy. There’s not much to say about this one other than it does the job!

So these are the products I’ve been using lately. Do you guys have any you’d recommend? What should I try?


Trend Alert: Pink Eyeshadow

Did you catch the images from the Met Gala on the weekend? I love checking out the fashion and beauty from the evening. This year some of the outfits were quite out there, but I loved so many of them. I mean JLo…wow!

One trend really stuck out to me. Pink eyeshadow. What? Crazy right? I first saw the look on Taylor Hill’s Instagram and wasn’t quite sure about it. But after seeing it a few times, and then on people like Selena Gomez and Jennifer Connelly, it really grew on me!

The dark shade Taylor Hill is wearing is so striking and really stands out because the rest of her makeup is so understated. Rihanna went with a lighter shade but carried it down to her cheekbones. I’m not sure if that’s a look you’d want to try in your everyday life, but I mean it’s Rihanna…she can do what she wants! Jennifer Connelly’s look is perfect if you want to try the look in the day time. The soft pink stands out but still looks appropriate for work or school.

I have to say I love love love the pink on Selena Gomez. It’s so bright and really draws attention to her eyes. This would be so fun for a summer music festival or a night out dancing. Paired with nude lips and simple makeup elsewhere I just think it’s great!

What do you think? Would you try pink eyeshadow?

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Bronzed: Pros and Cons of Top Sunless Tanners

I’m a huge fan of sunless tanners. I have a drawer full because I’m constantly picking up new ones to try. It’s pretty stressful sometimes to choose which brand to go with because there’s so many options and no one wants to look streaky or orange.

Sunless tanner is so effective in achieving that healthy summer glow without having to worry about sun damage or skin cancer. I know so many people that used to bake in the sun or go to tanning beds and they’ve now switched to sunless tanning as well. Not only is it healthier but it helps prevent wrinkles later on in life! Win win right?

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Lip Tattoo Review

Ok…so I have been seeing these lipstick masks/tattoos everywhere online. I’ve been so so curious so when I saw them while doing some running around I had to pick them up. This set comes with a bunch of different colours so I was super interested.

My first attempt at using this was not great. I didn’t expect the gel like substance to be so runny so it dripped all down the tube and when put on my lips spread onto my teeth. It stains your teeth really quickly and takes a lot of toothpaste and scrubbing to get it off.

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What I’m Loving This Week

I decided to compile a list of the things I am using a lot of this week. It’s very green themed, which is hilarious to me. I didn’t mean for it to work out that well and didn’t even notice until after I shot the photo!

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Tape In Hair Extensions: Why I’ll Never Do It Again


I just want to start by saying this is just my opinion. I’m sure other people have different experiences with tape-in extensions. My experience however was not great.

The girl that did my extensions was wonderful, the quality of the extensions were great, I just didn’t love them. When they were installed they still had a thin coat on them that made them smooth and shiny. The colour and cut matched wonderfully and I loved them.

When I showered a couple times the coating came off (like she told me it would) and I found I didn’t like the texture quite as much and the colour was now slightly different than the rest of my hair colour.

I only had them installed to have longer, fuller hair for my wedding and it certainly did it’s job. But after that I started to get frustrated with the upkeep. Every night after I showered (with special sulfate-free shampoo) I had to completely blow dry my hair (which takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r with this amount of hair), and braid it loosly to keep it from tangling. And oh the tangling! I found the extensions tangled with my natural hair during my day to day and caused me to have to spend a lot of time detangling it at night.

While honeymooning in Mexico I actually pulled an extension out trying to gently detangle my hair. You aren’t supposed to get the bonds wet because if water gets in between them they will separate. That’s very hard while on vacation and I came out of the pool with one of the pieces of tape sticking out. In Mexico I had begun getting frustrated with them because every time I got out of the pool I’d have to run back to the room to try and blow dry my hair. If I showered after we were done in the pool for the day I’d have to blow dry it again. The sun also lightened my natural hair so the extensions were starting to become very noticeable.

When I got home from Mexico I decided I didn’t want to pay a salon to take the extensions out because at this point three were already and a couple of them were hanging on by threads. I googled a few options and saw Moroccon oil would break the bonds. It took about half an hour but I managed to get them all out. There was a ton of glue residue in my hair afterwards however. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought something that was supposed to remove the glue. It did help a little but didn’t take it out like I hoped it would. I had these giant mats of glue and hair in my scalp that were so awful and impossible to get out.

It’s been about a month since then and I still have a little residue in my hair. It’s pretty much all gone now though. I don’t think I would get tape in extensions again. Clip-ins just make so much more sense for my lifestyle (read: I’m lazy) because they come out at night, can be washed separately and don’t have to be constantly blow dried. So it may work for some of you, if you’re okay with all the upkeep, but I just thought I’d make you aware of how much work they really are!







Summer Hair Trend Alert: Bayalage

Bayalage5 Bayalage4 Bayalage3 Bayalage2 Bayalage1

Ok ok, I know this isn’t a new trend…but it’s making some waves again now that the temperature’s starting to change. This is honestly my favourite look for spring/summer when everyone wants to lighten their hair again.

In case you haven’t heard of bayalage before it’s similar to an ombre look but the hair stylist paints sections of your hair and blends it in. This is a lot more natural than ombre because it looks like the sun did it on its own. This looks great with all hair colours as you can do a nice blend of lights and darks. It looks great with both straight and curly hair as it catches in the light and gives you a naturally summery look.

I am getting my hair done this week and will be dipping into the bayalage look (again…) but this time I’ll be going more blonde near the bottom. I’m pretty excited!

What do you guys think of this hair trend? Would you try it?