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Bronzed: Pros and Cons of Top Sunless Tanners

I’m a huge fan of sunless tanners. I have a drawer full because I’m constantly picking up new ones to try. It’s pretty stressful sometimes to choose which brand to go with because there’s so many options and no one wants to look streaky or orange.

Sunless tanner is so effective in achieving that healthy summer glow without having to worry about sun damage or skin cancer. I know so many people that used to bake in the sun or go to tanning beds and they’ve now switched to sunless tanning as well. Not only is it healthier but it helps prevent wrinkles later on in life! Win win right?

1. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronze Mousse

Pros: This one goes on very dark instantly. It gives a very nice bronzed look that looks natural and isn’t orange at all. The mousse is easy to spread and easy to see where it’s been so you don’t miss anywhere. I also like the result after one use so you don’t have to wait for days to see the results.

Cons: This one is a bit hard to apply for a beginner because it doesn’t go on as easy as a lotion and because it’s so dark you have to really wash your hands as you go to stop your palms from staining. I find this one can be a little bit streaky because if the mousse overlaps it will be darker in some places.

2. Jergen’s Natural Tan Gradual Tan

Pros: This cream is super easy to apply and is almost fool-proof. It’s a light cream so you have to make sure you get everywhere. For this one you also have to apply it over a couple of days to see the results but the gradual effect is kind of nice so you’re not pale one day and super tan the next.

Cons: Waiting for the colour to show up isn’t always ideal. I also don’t find this tanner gets me that dark (but I am basically see through so…). They just came out with a version that you can apply right after the shower so I’m curious to to see the results of that one.

3. L’oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner

Pros: This cream is almost gel like and because of the colour you can see where you apply it easily. The smell of this one is pleasant (as far as self tanners go) and you get a bit of colour to start and can build on it easily if you want to go darker.

Cons: I find this one doesn’t spread as well as I would have liked it too so it’s easy to miss spots on places like your back where you feel like you got it but it didn’t actually spread like you thought it did (get another mirror and check!)

4. Walgreen’s Bronze Self Tanner

Pros: Ok so I love this self tanner. It goes on with a nice colour, isn’t orange, blends nicely, and is build-able. This one spreads really nicely as well and doesn’t stain palms, elbows, and knees like some of the other ones.

Cons: It’s only available at Walgreen’s! I live in Canada so I can only get it when I go to the States. Last time I went to Walgreen’s they were sold out!

5. Life Sunthera3

Pros: This dark self tanner goes on very nicely and evenly. I put it on and when friends saw me they asked if I had been away. It’s so natural looking on and after one use you’re already there. If you reapply you don’t get darker you just keep the same colour so you don’t have to apply it every day.

Cons: It’s very dark and if you’re not wearing a glove you have to wash your hands constantly or else your hands will be so stained the next day.


I hope this helps if you’re looking for a new self tanner! Do you have any favourites that I should try? Let me know?




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