Blue (Not Suede) Shoes

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Hey friends! We are in the weird time of the year when it’s warm one minute and cold the next. As soon as we have our first warm day I want to trade in the winter clothes for the spring ones. This is unhelpful when it’s cold again!

The outfit I’m wearing is great for going out or a date night but is still warm enough to keep you from freezing to death! I didn’t want to be too dreery so I added a pop of colour with bright blue shoes and one of my favourite bracelets.

I bought this bracelet at the Bill Clinton Memorial in Arkansas when I was traveling. It was made by underprivileged women and the money goes towards their schooling. I absolutely love it and what it stands for!

This (p)leather jacket is one of my favourites as well. It’s so great to throw on when you’re going out and I get so many compliments on it. The buttons on the front of it really make it unique!

And lets talk shoes! These shoes are great for a night out on the town, or to wear to work (assuming you have a desk job!). They’re not the most comfortable ever but they were a fairly cheap way to add colour to a neutral outfit.

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