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BBG Review: Is it really worth it?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the very popular workout by fitness instagrammer/personal trainer Kayla Itsines. She started a global movement a few weeks back having her entire following start the workout together on the same day. I too have been taking part and am currently on week 9. Kayla has an app that is compatible with Apple Watch as well as books you can buy to follow the workout plan…but is it really worth it?

First of all what is it?: Basically the plan follows three strength training days and three low intensity cardio days (LISS). On the strength training days you run through two different circuits of four different moves which you do as many of as you can for 7 minutes. You do each circuit twice. So basically it’s a 28 minute long workout (if you don’t include the breaks). LISS is a form of cardio you can do on a treadmill, eliptical, bike, etc. Kayla herself recommends walking or walking on a treadmill for the best results. You should maintain a steady heart rate in your “cardio burn” ratio (you can use a fitness tracker or online calculator to figure out where this is for you) and go for about 45 minutes.

The cost: This is what everyone always wants to know! To download the app and follow the planner it will cost you about $5 a month for the duration that you use it. A lot of people prefer this because it’s easier and everything you need to access your workout of the day is right there. The other option is downloading the eBook. The eBook is about $72CAD for just the workouts (per version as there are now two). If you also want to follow her meal plan it will bump it up to $122CAD. You can totally do these workouts at home but the farther you progress the more equipment you will need…so lets be honest…you’ll probably need a gym membership too.

So is it worth it? This is the real question! I opted to download the book because to me it was less of a commitment than having money taken out of my bank account every week. Also, I now have the PDF and can do the program as many times as I’d like too. I also don’t follow the food plan as I have my own food plan that I try and stick to.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been giving this my 100%. I try to put my all into the workouts but sometimes modify it if I’m not feeling up to it. The last little while I haven’t been eating the best either…but guess what? I’m still seeing results. I’ve never been able to see my abs as much as I have since starting this workout, even with the candy I’ve been chowing down on. I have noticed a difference in my waist especially. I’m down an inch and a half in my waist and I’m only on week 9. I feel slimmer and stronger and I actually really love this program. To me it is completely worth it to feel more confident in my own body and to feel victorious as I complete workouts that seem so scary when you first start. This program is hard, it’s easy to want to give up, but if you stick to it to the best of your ability you’re sure to see results.

The other thing I love about this program is the community. Go on Instagram and search #bbgcommunity and see for yourself. Millions of women are supporting each other and lifting each other up. This is how it should be! There are also a number of Facebook groups you can join to hold you accountable and to reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.

All of this is of course my opinion. You might think it’s ridiculous to spend $72 on a eBook but that’s totally up to you. I’ve already downloaded BBG 2.0 that I am looking forward to starting after this round is complete. Anyone else currently doing BBG? If you are let me know! I love chatting with you BBG ladies! <3


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