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Growing up people always said to me “Wow you really have your own unique style”. Now, looking back on that I’m not sure whether or not that was a compliment! Nevertheless it sparked my love for all things beauty and fashion!

I’ve hopped from blog idea to blog idea, but finally this one stuck. Her Wandering Heart encompasses all interests of mine as I jump from one to another. I mainly blog about my lifestyle (fitness, long distance relationships, etc.), fashion, beauty and travel.

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Where do you live?

I live in Ontario Canada a little bit north of Toronto in a basement apartment with my lovely husband Scott and our sweet toy poodle Rory.

Who takes your photos?

Honestly it’s usually me! Good old tripod and delayed setting. If I’m lucky and Scott’s around I try and get him to take my photos. Or my best friend Keri who is actually a photographer and should take all my photos but I hate feeling like I’m bothering her! Haha!

What camera do you use?

My camera is an old old Canon Rebel XTI. I’ve had it since high school, but hey it does the job!

Why is your hair white?

I get this one almost every day so I figure I should address it. The forelock of my hair is naturally white, I don’t dye it. I get asked if I’m trying to look like Rogue from X-Men or Anna from Frozen. Short answer: no. Long answer: It grew in like that when I was 20 and doctors claim it is vitilago, which usually effects the skin and just means the pigment that creates colour isn’t there. I pretty much only have it right at the front of my hair, so far anyways!

What do you do for a living?

I used to be a graphic designer, but burnt out really quickly and wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I am currently back in college studying Early Childhood Education and have 1 year left. In the meantime I am working as a supply Early Childhood Assistant and Resource Teacher at a wonderful daycare in my hometown. I love my kiddos! <3

Where is Scott?

Scott works in Minor League Baseball as an Umpire so from March until September he is working down in the States. This means 6 months of long distance. We have been together for 6 and a bit years now so we are kind of used to it, but it does still suck and naturally we wish we could be together all the time. It’s a cool job though and I’m lucky that I get to see all sorts of random parts of the States that I wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

When did you get married?

September 17th, 2016!

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Travel Bucket List

Float in the Dead Sea

Visit Hobbit Homes in New Zealand

Giraffe Sanctuary in Kenya

Swim in underwater cave

Explore the canals in Venice

NYC New Years Eve Ball Drop

Visit the the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City

Watch the sunset at Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

Walt Disney World

Soak in the Geothermal Spa in Iceland

Go for a run in Central Park

Elephant Camp in Thailand

9/11 Memorial

Visit the Mayan Ruins

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Sailing in Bali

Visit Graceland in Memphis

Have a drink in a rundown bar in old Mempis

Christmas in Old Quebec City

Oktoberfest in Germany

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

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