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November 2016

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Tape In Hair Extensions: Why I’ll Never Do It Again


I just want to start by saying this is just my opinion. I’m sure other people have different experiences with tape-in extensions. My experience however was not great.

The girl that did my extensions was wonderful, the quality of the extensions were great, I just didn’t love them. When they were installed they still had a thin coat on them that made them smooth and shiny. The colour and cut matched wonderfully and I loved them.

When I showered a couple times the coating came off (like she told me it would) and I found I didn’t like the texture quite as much and the colour was now slightly different than the rest of my hair colour.

I only had them installed to have longer, fuller hair for my wedding and it certainly did it’s job. But after that I started to get frustrated with the upkeep. Every night after I showered (with special sulfate-free shampoo) I had to completely blow dry my hair (which takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r with this amount of hair), and braid it loosly to keep it from tangling. And oh the tangling! I found the extensions tangled with my natural hair during my day to day and caused me to have to spend a lot of time detangling it at night.

While honeymooning in Mexico I actually pulled an extension out trying to gently detangle my hair. You aren’t supposed to get the bonds wet because if water gets in between them they will separate. That’s very hard while on vacation and I came out of the pool with one of the pieces of tape sticking out. In Mexico I had begun getting frustrated with them because every time I got out of the pool I’d have to run back to the room to try and blow dry my hair. If I showered after we were done in the pool for the day I’d have to blow dry it again. The sun also lightened my natural hair so the extensions were starting to become very noticeable.

When I got home from Mexico I decided I didn’t want to pay a salon to take the extensions out because at this point three were already and a couple of them were hanging on by threads. I googled a few options and saw Moroccon oil would break the bonds. It took about half an hour but I managed to get them all out. There was a ton of glue residue in my hair afterwards however. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought something that was supposed to remove the glue. It did help a little but didn’t take it out like I hoped it would. I had these giant mats of glue and hair in my scalp that were so awful and impossible to get out.

It’s been about a month since then and I still have a little residue in my hair. It’s pretty much all gone now though. I don’t think I would get tape in extensions again. Clip-ins just make so much more sense for my lifestyle (read: I’m lazy) because they come out at night, can be washed separately and don’t have to be constantly blow dried. So it may work for some of you, if you’re okay with all the upkeep, but I just thought I’d make you aware of how much work they really are!