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Style According To…Emma Watson

Hey guys! Ok so we all love Emma Watson right? Her red carpet style is amazing and she always looks flawless, but her street style is what I’m impressed by the most!

This girl has got “casual” down! Whether she’s catching a flight or running errands she looks so stylish! 

I love how she pairs the striped sweater with her jean shorts or her brown leather jacket, white blouse and skinny black jeans. 

I’m also obsessed with her look in the third photo! The all black ensemble is very flattering and would look so good for a night out!

Emma is a style icon for sure and I can’t wait to see how she styles other outfits in the near future!




Blue (Not Suede) Shoes

IMG_7548 IMG_7544 IMG_7538 IMG_7534 IMG_7535 IMG_7528 IMG_7527 IMG_7511 IMG_7513 IMG_7498
IMG_7497 IMG_7491 IMG_7482 IMG_7478 IMG_7475

Hey friends! We are in the weird time of the year when it’s warm one minute and cold the next. As soon as we have our first warm day I want to trade in the winter clothes for the spring ones. This is unhelpful when it’s cold again!

The outfit I’m wearing is great for going out or a date night but is still warm enough to keep you from freezing to death! I didn’t want to be too dreery so I added a pop of colour with bright blue shoes and one of my favourite bracelets.

I bought this bracelet at the Bill Clinton Memorial in Arkansas when I was traveling. It was made by underprivileged women and the money goes towards their schooling. I absolutely love it and what it stands for!

This (p)leather jacket is one of my favourites as well. It’s so great to throw on when you’re going out and I get so many compliments on it. The buttons on the front of it really make it unique!

And lets talk shoes! These shoes are great for a night out on the town, or to wear to work (assuming you have a desk job!). They’re not the most comfortable ever but they were a fairly cheap way to add colour to a neutral outfit.

Thanks for stopping by!



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Hey everyone. Happy Monday! Here is some inspiration to start you week:

daily-motivation-1715 daily-motivation-821 dont-worry-be-happy-151 dont-worry-be-happy-81 dont-worry-be-happy-51 dont-worry-be-happy-41 dont-worry-be-happy-71

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Blazers: Three Ways

IMG_7415_Edit IMG_7420_Edit IMG_7424_Edit IMG_7431_Edit IMG_7434_Edit IMG_7435_Edit IMG_7438_Edit IMG_7440_Edit IMG_7445_Edit IMG_7447_Edit IMG_7448_Edit IMG_7451_Edit

Hi friends! So I have owned this blazer (from Forever 21) for years and it’s really something you can wear in a variety of ways. I love the colour of this one because it’s more of a statement than a regular colour.


1. Dressing Up

The first look is what blazers are usually worn for, dressing up! With a pair of great pants, a nice top and a statement necklace it’s perfect for date night or a night out with the girls.

2. Dresses

Not a lot of people pair dresses with a blazer…especially a maxi dress. I really like the look however as it works great for a vacation! You can hang out in a maxi dress all day and then just throw on a blazer to make it dinner appropriate. When you’re traveling it’s important to pack light so I’m all about the looks you can wear from day to night!

3. Graphic Tee

This one is my all time fave! I love the look of a blazer paired with a graphic tee and jeans. It’s so fun for a pub or checking out a local band!


So what do you think? What is your favourite look?




Summer Hair Trend Alert: Bayalage

Bayalage5 Bayalage4 Bayalage3 Bayalage2 Bayalage1

Ok ok, I know this isn’t a new trend…but it’s making some waves again now that the temperature’s starting to change. This is honestly my favourite look for spring/summer when everyone wants to lighten their hair again.

In case you haven’t heard of bayalage before it’s similar to an ombre look but the hair stylist paints sections of your hair and blends it in. This is a lot more natural than ombre because it looks like the sun did it on its own. This looks great with all hair colours as you can do a nice blend of lights and darks. It looks great with both straight and curly hair as it catches in the light and gives you a naturally summery look.

I am getting my hair done this week and will be dipping into the bayalage look (again…) but this time I’ll be going more blonde near the bottom. I’m pretty excited!

What do you guys think of this hair trend? Would you try it?



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Coachella: Fave Looks (So Far)

Sara_Sampaio Taylor_Hill Gigi_Hadid Kendall_Jenner2 Kendall_Jenner Chanel_Iman Alessandra_Ambrosio

It’s Coachella! The time where celebrities get all boho and fashion trends are born. I know it just started but I’ve already seen these great outfits above that I love. These girls are beautiful! I’m excited to adapt some of these looks into my every day life. I’ve seen a similar piece at Forever 21 that Sara Sapaio is wearing and now I’m kicking myself for not getting it!

Which outfit is your favourite?


**These images don’t belong to me in any way. They were found around the internet**