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10 Things to do in NYC for New Years Eve


It’s almost been a year since my feet hit the pavement of one of my favourite cities in the world. New York City. I have been to the city four times in my life and every time I see a picture of it my heart aches to go back. There is so much to do and see that it truly is the city that never sleeps.

Last year my boyfriend and I went for a few days after Christmas and to experience New Years Eve in NYC. Everything about it was amazing (especially when my boyfriend proposed New Years day in Central Park…which is a story for another time).

So what should you do if you find yourself in New York City for the Christmas season? I’m here to break down my favourite things we did during my last time there!

1. Fifth Avenue Windows

As you can see by the lines out front, the windows of Fifth Avenue are a thing to see! The artists that create them must have the worlds biggest imaginations! Last years theme was fairytales and it was incredible to see the different takes on the classics.

2. The Tree at Rockerfeller Center
This one’s a given right? It would be crazy to be in New York City at the same time as this tree and not go see it! The tree is even bigger than you imagine it from seeing it on TV and it worth seeing in the day time as well as the evening.

3. Macy’s
Shopper or not you should go to Macy’s. They always have it done up so nicely for Christmas, it was featured in Miracle on 34th Street, and they have the biggest most watched parade of the year! That should be reason enough but if not it’s one of the biggest stores in the world!

4. Radio City Music Hall
There have been so many amazing performances held here that it should be on your list to see while you’re in the area!

5. The Rockerfeller Center
NYC_Sunset NYC_EmpireState NYC_EmpireStateBuilding
Everyone has a different opinion on which building you should go to the top of (Empire State Building or Rockerfeller Center), but I went with Rockerfeller. My deciding factor was that I wanted to see the Empire State Building and Central Park from above. If you do the Empire State the Rockerfeller Center is in the way of Central Park. I would also suggest going in the afternoon, this way (if you want to hang out long enough) you can see the city during the day, sunset and at night!

6. Central Park

Central Park is by far my favourite part of the city. I’m a runner, so I dream about living there and heading to the park for a morning run. It is also so cool to have nature planted perfectly in the middle of a huge bustling city. If you want to get away for awhile, this is the place to be. In the summer they have little free book libraries where you can grab a book to read in the park and return it when you’re done!

7. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

I just love this church! It’s so beautiful and has so much history. If you love architecture then check it out!

8. Freedom Tower / 9. 9/11 Memorial
Speaking of history, the new Freedom Tower, Memorial Pools and 9/11 Museum should be on every travellers list. The Freedom Tower is so big, beautiful and I love what it stands for. The 9/11 Museum and Memorial Pools will really amaze you and put the terrible events of September 11th in perspective. You can get up close to pieces of the tower and learn about all the people affected by this tragedy.

10. Time Square/New Years Eve Ball Drop


(Image from

Ah yes…Time Square. The busiest place in the city no matter what time it is. The ball drop was really fun, but also really strange. They gated off every block and filled each ‘pen’ with people. Once that pen was full they would start filling the one behind it. My fiancé and I went early in the day and expected to be there all day, however we didn’t think of one thing! The police officer directing traffic informed us that once you’re in you can’t leave! Not even for the bathroom! He then told us the people that are there all day actually wear diapers so that they won’t lose their place! We weren’t having any of that and went to do something else for the day and returned closer to 10 for the actual festivities! We were blocks and blocks and blocks away but you could still see everything and it saved us from freezing/having to pee in a diaper.

There are of course so many other things to do and see in the city that never sleeps, but this is what I got up to last time. Let me know what your favourite parts of the city are if you’ve been and if not what parts of the city would you like to see?

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